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Igniting intuition and shining the light of enlightenment. 

As we heal others we heal ourselves.

Woo Life is a brand representing a conscious, heart-based, holistic lifestyle. 

Hi my name is Suzy. I spent 22 years of my life as a victim of domestic violence. Disconnected, isolated, voiceless, disempowered and defeated  You can google "Suzanne Perry + domestic violence" and the media interviews, articles, talks, events and other work will fill your screen. I spoke up and went public to raise awareness and support those who suffer in silence.

Fast forward... I went though my dark night of the soul and got out of a victimhood mindset.

I rekindled my love of astrology and started studying charts of criminals.. and learned about the terms 'narcissist' and 'empath' and the dangerous, toxic love affair that happens between them.

Over the next several years, I took the reins of my life and got healthy on all levels. I took classes and courses and got a bunch of certifications in healing modalities and then my Bachelor's.

I had a shitty job I hated at the IRS when I opened my first private practice in a shared space.  I got my first non-Craigslist car, then moved into a large private office for my practice and finally left the IRS in April 2019. 

I've brought some really amazing people across upstate New York for workshops, trainings and retreats, and guest appearances on my radio and television shows, and made a name for myself.

Now I am an international healer, reader and psychic medium bringing my bit around the globe. Life is completely amazing. I'm excited to go to sleep every night, and excited to wake up every morning!

Woo Life is a place to bring people together to celebrate their own heroism, and is a safe space to talk mystical, magical, holistic and the like... I'm all about that cool woo woo stuff.

Thank you for being here.  Let me know how I can be of service to you. :)


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Who's behind WOO?


We are a family business. 

Suzy Woo, Founder and "The Mom"

Suzy is an international healer, psychic medium, crystal healer, astrologer, sound healing practitioner, holistic psychotherapist, ordained minister and wedding officiant. 

Suzy runs the show at Woo Life on the surface and customer facing, (naturally, as a Leo)

Her sons Josh and Joseph provide product fulfillment and incredible senses of humor.

Next level creativity brings us to Suzy's daughter Jackie and Jackie's BFF BF Garrett, who draw, color, paint, woodburn and have their own business J&G Creations.

We list super cool creations of theirs that fit our theme.

Laughter always guaranteed. This company is a compilation of love, acceptance and 'reaching altitude.'

No force of evil can hold a pure heart down. Love always wins. Always.

(said the Scorpio rising)

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