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Welcome to the Woo Life Community

Guidance and Tools for Spiritual Wellness


Live an abundant life that makes you want to say "WOOOOOO!"

For the dreamers and the doers. For the hopeful and the helpful. The mystic and holistic.

Everything WOO happens here.


Hi there; it's awesome to meet you! 

I'm Suzy, a light worker.   I created Woo Life as a hub for lightworkers, wayshowers and seekers to exchange information.


In addition, we will have a show where I feature people and businesses in the metaphysical, mystic and holistic community around the world! These guests will have special offers for the Woo Life Community!


Woo Life will be hosting collaborations, workshops, events; we have a marketplace and our own brand (join our free Meetup group here).

This is stuff I have done for the past 13 years on my own, but am now moving it to a collaborative business model! 

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel  and have a look at some videos already posted. 


For more info about me please visit

Classes/Workshops - currently listed here

Beginner's Guide to Astrology  Learn about the moon and the nodes here

Tarot 101, Intermediate and Advanced

Intuitive development

The wonderful world of crystals

Energy healing


Our Marketplace is called Good for the Spirit Gifts.

The actual store is only open 3 days a month: the 1st, 11th and 21st, from 11am-7pm. 

Shop online anytime at


Cacao ceremony kits, Crystals, Crystal Skulls, Crystal jewelry, Himalayan salt bath and body items, Himalayan salt lamps, Essential oils and diffusers, Altar cloths, Candles, Stationery, Woodburning and Leather items, Air plants, bamboo plants, Tarot and Oracle cards, Spiritual books and new items being added constantly ...we have something for every budget. 

Visit our new website at 

We have Woo Life branded merch


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